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Cloud 9 Voice

No matter your communication needs, Cloud 9 is here to help keep your business running at full capacity.

Unified Communications

Communications is a critical component for everyday business. Cloud 9 has taken voice communications to the next level by adding mobility, desktop integration, and messaging to allow businesses and their employees to stay in touch at any time and any location.

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Business Texting

Experience the power of collaborative text communication on a business number. Send and receive MMS messages for a rich media experience. Scheduled individual messages or send a message to multiple recipients at once. Send automatic replies and canned responses to regularly asked questions.

Business Text

Call Center

Take more calls, manage remote users and increase your customer experience ratings with Cloud 9. Our Basic Call Center Suite can provide skills based routing, call recording, intelligent wait announcements like average hold time and place in line, call monitoring, coaching whispering and a full spectrum of reports.

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Call Center

Powerful Features

Saving money on a business phone service is easy when you’re not being nickel and dimed to death. Cloud 9 service delivers over 100 features and no “gotcha” add-on charges. With features like IVR, Conference Bridges, Unlimited Call Paths, Web based Call Control, Visual Voicemail, One Number Access and Smart Phone App, you can customize to fit your business’ exact needs.


Managed ISP Service

Tired of Internet providers increasing charges? Through our partnerships with top internet providers, we find the high-speed internet service that best suits your business needs. You choose from our list of in-demand providers, get connected, and save on your bottom line. Best of all, the price stays fixed and we take care of all the hassles!

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Managed ISP Service
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Voice Auto Failover

Avoid service disruptions caused by internet outages by selecting Voice Auto Failover, our back up solution for a stable internet connection. Have the peace of mind that your phone service will stay online. Choose from our robust 4G service or a dedicated low bandwidth backup circuit so you don’t have to break the bank.

Voice Auto Failover

Network Infrastructure

If it is not a part of the solution, it is a part of the problem. While there are many VOIP providers that offer phones to their customers from the top names in the industry, most of them do not offer a complete solution that includes all the necessary infrastructure to provide the best service possible. Cloud 9 does. 

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Network Infrastructure
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Necessary Extras

Whether it is interfacing with an old analog paging system, fax machine, alarm system or door phones, Cloud 9 provides connection to that oddly necessary old technology that is often a problem. We also provide professionally produced hold messages and voice talent which will enhance your corporate image

Aux Items
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