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It’s Deja vu All Over Again

On April 1st, 2016, Frontier Communications completed its acquisition of Verizon landline and FiOS service on the West Central coast of Florida. The irony of the date was not lost on the millions of customers who experienced service disruptions and the thousands of businesses who lost communication. Things haven’t gone well since. That’s actually an understatement. In reality, as observed by Daniel B. Kline (a contributor at The Motley Fool), “…the first days of the company’s $10.54 billion bet on buying enough customers from what were formerly Verizon’s wireline operations has been a borderline disaster.”

What’s gone wrong?
To summarize, in taking over these Verizon systems in California, Texas and Florida, Frontier more than doubled its size. And, while the company had since February 5, 2015 (the date they announced a definitive agreement with Verizon) to prepare for the move, it doesn’t look like they were completely ready. If you have been around the Tampa Bay Area for as long as we have this may seem familiar and you could be remembering the great Yogi Berra quote, “It’s Deja Vu all over again”. Way back when the century was young, in July of 2000, Bell Atlantic and GTE completed a $116 billion merger to form Verizon. Things didn’t go to smoothly then either.

The Good News
We have been here before and handled it. Xpedeus provides managed services for its clients which includes the broadband and voice network circuits. We make mitigate the vast majority of the headaches that come from dealing with the publicly traded utilities. We partner with Frontier, Bright House, Comcast, CenturyLink and Level 3 taking the hassle out of our clients hands. It is one of our most popular services. And now that the Frontier acquisition is complete and the purchase of Bright House by Charter Cable is also done, we think the Xpedeus Integrated Cloud Exchange will become even more popular.