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Quality of Service (QoS)

We continually strive to maximize your communications efficiency and availability while eliminating any negative technical or operational issues. We proactively monitor for issues and correct them. That’s true quality of service.

VoIP provides the capability of HD Voice

Why not use it? If your business relies on call quality, you need QoS. It will keep a garbled or dropped call from leading to a loss of a customer, the deal or your credibility. With Xpedeus, you get quality of service on your office phone system as a standard feature.

What is QoS?

QoS stands for quality of service, and is an industry-wide set of standards and mechanisms used to ensure high-quality performance for critical applications which, in the case of a communications system, includes HD voice and video. Learn why quality of service from Xpedeus is a true competitive advantage.

Xpedeus Quality of Service

Goes Beyond the Network and Touches Every Aspect of our Solutions

We Make Quality of Service Work

Optimized QoS on any Network

Add elevated QoS to your broadband or other network connection. We apply SD-WAN technology to UCaaS to elevate quality of service for your mission-critical communications.

Redundancy and Management

Xpedeus offers services from the largest network providers in the country with intelligently engineered quality of service that ensures high-priority voice and video with 99.999% uptime reliability.

Why Do You Need It?

Voice or video data sent through an IP system is broken into thousands of data packets which travel through your network without the need or cost of a dedicated phone line. This data is reassembled as a call, conference or video. QoS is achieved when unified communications have sufficient bandwidth, jitter is controlled, latency and data loss are reduced and MOS is optimized.

  • What is latency? The time it takes a voice packet to reach its destination is called latency or delay. Too much delay can create an echo on the line or causes parties to talk over each other.
  • What is jitter? Jitter is the variation of delay between packets. The human ear can handle consistent delay between packets but when the information jumps, we may hear garbled audio.
  • What is packet loss? Information packets can also be dropped. When this happens, data will be missing when it has being reassembled at its destination.
  • What is MOS? MOS (Mean Opinion Score) is a measure of how humans perceive the quality of the voice call calculated based on industry standard benchmarks including average latency, delay and jitter.

The Xpedeus Integrated Cloud Exchange is designed minimize latency, jitter and packet loss while maximizing MOS.

Xpedeus Takes QoS to the Next Level

In fact, we take it to all the levels.
In the Network

We have designed, deployed and continually develop the Integrated Cloud Exchange. It provides QoS with multiple carriers by finding the best and highest quality route automatically. It also allows multiple last mile connections from redundant providers which greatly enhances QoS.



At the Premise Edge

Xpedeus provides our ICE Wall appliance on premise for voice QoS, traffic shaping and active, real time management to make sure that “voice always wins” and you experience the highest voice quality possible. We also provide, or work with, other devices as necessary to exceed our client’s quality expectations.


In the Local Area Network

Unlike most UCaaS vendors, Xpedeus provides current generation LAN switches with our solutions that provide power over Ethernet, VLAN tagging and management capabilities required to deliver true QoS. We also work with and know how to configure every major LAN switch if you already have current generation switching equipment that meet industry QoS requirements.

At the Desktop

Xpedeus solutions come with state of the art phones from the top suppliers in the industry. We have deep relationships with the manufacturers and know how to configure every device so as to provide the best quality of service as well as the most features.

Simple. Powerful. Productive.

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We are happy to take a look at your current situation and see how we can help. We'll give you an honest assessment. If we can improve things for you, terrific! If not, we'll suggest who to call. We're honest that way.

No Risk QoS Assessment

Responsive, helpful, reliable. That has been our experience with the professionals of Xpedeus. It is a pleasure working with them and their support makes it possible for us to achieve our mission in the community.

Jennifer Johnston

Director, Alpha House of Tampa

When our old phone system started to die on us, we needed an entire technology refresh fast! Xpedeus replaced the equipment in a very short time frame while keeping us in business. That’s what I call disaster avoidance. They are the best!

Dale West

CFO, BHC True Value Hardware

Managing the IT department for an organization with three locations and a call center is challenging. Moving them to a new headquarters threatened to be overwhelming. Xpedeus proposed a superior solution that was deployed on time and under budget. They handled all the details of the move and we didn’t experience any down time in the process. Working with Xpedeus is great.

Patti McAvoy

IT Administrator, Early Learning Coalition

I have been the owner or board member of several firms in the Lakeland area over the years (Lakeland Auto Mall, Lakeland Regional Medical Center and Southeastern University to name a few) and have taken advantage of many of the services Xpedeus has to offer as an excellent MSP and ITSP. I strongly recommend them to anyone who needs to function properly in the 21st century’s business environment.

Bill Mutz

Board of Trustees, Southeastern University

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