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It all started in 2001

True story. We started deploying hosted communication
solutions before it was an industry

Then, one day in 2012 it hit us

Despite a decade of providing VoIP technology to clients, the vast majority of the businesses in our area
still had legacy telephone systems. Yes – the old, complicated, expensive and underused work phones that plague millions of desks across the nation. A few sleepless nights later, the Integrated Cloud Exchange was born.

Here’s what we have been a part of so far

1 Million+

Core business system

5 Billion+

Calling minutes

10 Billion+

Business messages

To be continued…

(…but until then, you can keep scrolling down to learn more)

Founded in 2001, Xpedeus is a privately owned, profitable, managed communications provider based in Brandon, Florida. We have become the local industry leader in providing Communications as a Service by our friendly, hard-working team of professionals providing:

The Best Communications Product

Who cares how much money you save if it doesn’t work well or at all? No one. That’s why we developed the open standards based Integrated Cloud Exchange to provide the best utility grade, enterprise class IP Telephony product for the SMB space.

The Best Customer Experience

When you select Xpedeus as your vendor, we become your single point of contact for all things communications. If there is a problem, no matter where it is, we will resolve it at no charge to you. We not only monitor your voice and data network 24/7 but we proactively maintain it. If the problem is at your office, we don’t ship things via postal carriers or send some semi-qualified dealer out – we come to your premises ourselves with replacement parts if necessary because we have local presence. That’s one of the many reasons why we have one of the best customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

The Best Business Connection

We live in Florida so we understand that accidents and disasters can happen at the most inopportune times. And when they do, we make sure your phone services are working by providing redundant connections and hosted back-ups so that your lines are answered if your business has a power outage – or even a complete loss of its premises.

The Best Bottom Line

Yes, we can save your business a substantial amount of money on your phone bill every month like many other service providers. If you have multiple locations, we can save you even more by sharing call path resources. And even while the vast majority of our customers see a positive cash flow the very first month they switch to us, we provide something even better – improved profit margins for a better bottom line.

Integrated Cloud Exchange

All of Xpedeus hosted services are run on the Integrated Cloud Exchange (ICE), our open standards, cloud-based platform. ICE has been designed from the ground up to deliver the most reliable, powerful, and economical hosted communication services available to the SMB market.

ICE 2.0

Strategic Partnerships

Xpedeus leverages partnerships with global leaders in telecommunications services and hardware. Offerings from these vendors, in combination with Xpedeus services, deliver best-of-breed hosted communications. A sampling of our partners include:


Driven by the technical acumen and business diversity of its core team, Xpedeus increases its leadership in the Communications as a Service space. The guiding principle for this management team and the company is to empower our customers with the ability to stop worrying about their communications technology and allow them to focus on growing their business.

Our Leadership Team
Daniel Williams – President and CEO Daniel has a 25 year career of being a technology and process change evangelist. Starting at General Motors on the advanced IT staff, Daniel learned that true productivity gains from technology use comes through the refinement of business processes that use the technology. In 2001, Daniel founded Xpedeus Inc., a Microsoft Certified IT consulting firm. In late 2004, Xpedeus started developing and implementing a VoIP strategy to market to it’s IT consulting clients. In 2009 Daniel shifted the focus of the firm to specifically market and sell business VoIP solutions. Since that time, Xpedeus has designed, developed and deployed the Integrated Cloud Exchange™ to deliver enterprise grade IP telephony solutions to the SMB market. Daniel earned his B.A. from Michigan State University and holds many high level technical certifications.
David Littrell – Vice President and CSO David brings over 25 years of strategy, sales and marketing experience to the Xpedeus team. A well-known figure in the rapidly changing Florida telecom market and the CaaS space, David has grown several companies to market leadership positions. This includes two Southwestern Bell Telecom Authorized Dealer programs and the founding of Republic Telecom as its President. Prior to Xpedeus, David was the VP of the Siemens ICN dealership in Florida. He has routinely worked with, and created solutions for, Fortune 500 customers such as the American Cancer Society, Beall’s Department Stores and Sonitrol. He earned a B.A. and Masters Degree, served with the USAR 3/11th Special Forces Group in Tampa and holds many technical certifications.
Jon Caum – Tech Lead Jon was one of the leading designers of the Integrated Cloud Exchange, our unique hosted solution platform, and is responsible for the overall service architecture, software license compliance as well as many other technical aspects of Xpedeus. Jon is one of the leading technical minds in the open source and architecture tech-world and is constantly striving to improve our brand. Prior to his important role at Xpedeus, Jon worked at TriBridge in Tampa Florida and holds many Microsoft certifications.
Cindy Heishman – Office Administrator Cindy joined Xpedeus in 2014 and, leveraging her valuable business experience, has been instrumental to our continued success. She has been key to the company’s development of improved internal business processes that have allowed healthy growth during trying economic times. Cindy is responsible for our financial administration and allows us to provide our customers with an excellent billing experience. Her background in operations, customer service and accounting will be crucial to our continued growth. Cindy earned her office science degree from FMU in Tampa, Florida.

Founding Member of the RTC Alliance

Xpedeus is an original founding member of the RTC Alliance. The RTC Alliance harnesses the power of each member’s resources and systems to create a seamless, nationwide network that delivers an outstanding voice and data platform with great features and cost savings. Learn more here.